Pasque Petals


Pasque Petals, the official literary magazine of the South Dakota Poetry Society, was launched in 1970 and is the oldest poetry journal in continuous publication in the National Federation of State Poetry Societies. This official literary magazine has grown from a mimeographed monthly publication to  two annual professionally-printed editions that exhibit a wide swath of writers who use various genres to express their regional imagery and ideas.

To submit, please send your poetry within the body of an email to Editor Christine Stewart at by February 1 for the Spring issue and August 1 for the Fall issue.

4 thoughts on “Pasque Petals

  1. Is there anyway to purchase past issues of Pasque Petals. A dear friend lost her mother on January 10th. Her mother had a poem published in a past issue. I would like to give her a copy. The author’s name was Mary Ellen Malde.

    • What a beautiful idea, Jeannie. I will forward your message to our current Editor, and hopefully she will be able to help you. DB

  2. My grandmother, Zola Carr, published many poems in your publication in the 1970’s and 1980’s. I believe one of hers was an ode to the men who build sky-riser buildings. I remember the ending – “While they work, we Seniors pray.”
    We have had a terrible accident in Ames, IA, where two men fell from scaffolding Friday while working on the sixth floor of a building that was being built. Both were killed. I would love to put that poem in our local newspaper. Is there any way to search for it? Thank you for whatever help you can provide.
    Clare Bills, Ames

    • Clare,

      We will do what we can to help you track down your grandmother’s poem, but, unfortunately, don’t yet have a searchable database of publications. Briggs Library at SDSU, however, holds our archives, so if you were to contact them, they may be able to locate the particular poem you mentioned. I will also post a message for our members to see if any of them still own older copies of Pasque Petals and would be willing to search for it.

      All best,

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